Hair Update

Now it is autumn and coming very close to winter I wanted a change. I didn’t want a complete change, just something to make my hair stand out. In the beginning of autumn I saw the colours of the leaves and loved how all of the warm colours complimented each other which in a way inspired me and helped me choose the colours i wanted to add to my hair.

My new hair Now that winter is just on the doorstep I think it is a warm look to have in the freezing cold weather that we all look forward to!


TREND: Pointed Nails 2

So I decided to have my nails done as my nails didn’t really grow since my last post. I love them as they are pretty colourful and crazy!

Since pointed nails came back into fashion and became the trend again, I do not want to go back to square or even oval nails. I think that they are so feminine but at the same time they have a ‘rock chick’ style which goes with almost anything.