A Random Post: My Doggy

Evening Loveliess, quick question…..

Who out of my followers likes doggies? I adore them!

Sooooooo I thought I would show you my little doggy, she is still a puppy at only 5 moths old. She is such a little cutie! What do you think of her? Her name is Coco like Chanel haha! Also her breed is a miniature pinscher.



As you can see from these pictures she doesn’t really seem to be interested in what I am doing haha! She looks bored falling asleep in most of them.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think of my sleepy little puppy.

Choww xx


Wavy/Curly Hair. My usual hair style!

Hello Lovelies, just thought I would give you a proper look at my hairstyle I usually wear everyday……

P.S I know I need my hair cutting and I am soon so no need to point it out haha! 😉 And….. I only have the behind view of it :).


Makeup Of The Day: Another Spring Look!

Heyy Loveliess,

So today I thought I would do another spring look as the snowy weather here is depressing me! Plus this isn’t really todays makeup it is actually yesterdays but I didn’t have time to upload it, soooo here it is :).

To really show you the full look I added in more pictures than usual from every angle. Also if you would like me to do a step by step tutorial on how I do my eyelash routine please let me know as in all my posts they are real ladies!

another spring look!


What do you think? Comment or Like below.

Choww! xx


Heyy Dolls, lately I have been redecorating and I thought I would post the items I have.

You likeyy? Comment below and let me knoww 🙂



Excuse the patch of purple…


Table Lamp

I thought I would take a better picture of the chandelier/ lamp shade because I think it absolutely gorgeee 🙂


Love this sign on my dresser! Even though originally it is suppose to be a bathroom sign, I thought it could be used for the bedroom as it is a place for relaxation too.


Here I saved the best for last! My beautiful makeup storage box, holds literally everything with space (so far anyways)




What items do you like the most, comment below.

Until next time xx



Afterr so long I have finally edited my introduction video even though it only took under 20 mins whoops (covers eyes).

Anywayss it will be ready very soon and I would appreciate it if you could have a look and leave any feedback you may have. Just keep an eye out on my twitter page @abovebeauty94 for a link that I will post!

Here is the linkkk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFYE4ecc7zk

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Thanks Dolls.

Choww! xx

My Tattoo’s

Hello my loves,

I have been asked by quite a few people now to post my tattoo’s up on my blog, even though they are only little ones. I have two tattoo’s and they are quite girly but thats me :)!

My first one was a dove just above my shoulder blade, I wanted this tattoo because it symbolises peace and freedom and I think thats me all over (not trying to sound big headed guys!).

Dove Tattoo

My second tattoo I had done was the word ‘Hope’ with a dandelion underneath it, I chose the word hope because it means alot to me to just keep hope in everything I do. I mean who doesn’t! Ermm there really isn’t really a reason why I added the dandelion, I just thought it would look pretty haha. Actually I can think of a reason, it kind of goes with the whole idea of hopes and dreams. As if you are making a wish when the seeds disperse, ha I backed that up quickly!

Anyways things like this mean alot to me because I am the sort of person who has strong beliefs.

Here is my second tattoo after rambling on a bit….


Soo these are my tattoo’s, I hope you like them!

Choww xx