My Absence

Heyy Dolls,

Sorry for my absence lately I have been really busy but………

I do have a haul that I need to upload so that will be coming soon 🙂



To All My Followers and Other Bloggers…..

Heyy Loveliess,

So I have recieved a lot and I mean ALOT of comments over the past few days asking me how to achieve things on my blog or tips and tricks of what I do to make a sucessful blog. Others have asked about invite posts or other things for me to do on thier own blogs. Instead of replying to you all I just will ask anyone who is interested in working with me for promotion or other things to please contact me via email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

My email is

Thank you guys, it is just an easier and quicker way for me to get back to you xx

Mini Haul: Just a few bits and bobs

Afternoon my loves, I just thought I would do a mini haul on a few bits and bobs that I purchased the other day :).

minnie mouse brushes

This is the first item I have to talk about, I absolutely adore these brushes and they are minnie mouse! Anything minnie mouse I have to push myself away its just so adorable! Anyways these brushes were very cheap I think at £3 from primark! When I seen them I just had to buy them, especially because they are makeup brushes. If you are like me and you love minnie mouse I suggest you buy them before they are all gone!

This second item that I purchased is a small makeup bag also from primark, which I think it was £2 or £3 pounds. I am in love with this colour at the min and it is so pretty and girly, perfect for spring. I also love the gold studded detail on it so it is not too plain.I also recommend this to my followers as it is not to big or small so you can fit a lot of items into it to touch up your makeup if needed throughout the day or night.

makeup bag

The Third well really few items I bought are all from new look. The hair bows were I think £3 and the earrings were £3.50. They are both as gorgeous as each other, the bows are perfect for spring and summer and they are seen in my hair in the last hair post I did. They are just so girly and pretty and look good with a bunch of different things :). The earrings I adore as they are not tiny studs but not too eye catching either, they are just perfect for daytime or even a night out :).

bows and earrings

The final item I purchased was a scented candle it was only £1 haha! So I thought why not plus I kind of want more candles. It is called strawberry shortcake and smells so sweet, so good you can practically eat it! (But please don’t). What makes it really pretty apart from its pink colour it has a cute red and white little bow as a decoration instead of  a plain candle.


That is all for now, I do recommend all of these items as they are so cute! If you cannot find any please leave a comment and I will try my best to help :).

Choww xx

New Youtube Video!

Heyy Dolls,

To all of my followers and subscribers if you havent seen my new makeup video as well as my introduction please check it out. Would love it if you could see it and give me some feedback!

P.s I apologise for the bad lighting and all the jazz as it was filmed a while ago on a not very good camera oops. Sorry guys, here is the link……


Chowwww xx

Makeup Of The Day: Just a Girly Thing

Hello Loveliess 🙂

This is actually my makeup from yesterday but I didnt get a chance to upload. Since the sun was out I was inspired to do more of a spring look with my makeup and hair which you will see in my next post. I hope you like it! Here it is…..

beige makeup look


What do you think of it? Comment Below.

Choww xx

Some Of My Favourite Jewellery

Hello my beautifuls, since I have not done anything related to fashion so far oops (cover my eyes). I thought I would post some of my favourite jewellery for you guys! I only chose my faves because if I showed you all of it we probably would be here till christmas.

Lets get started with the things I have been wearing the most lately…..

Jewellery 1

Okay darlings I have labelled all of the jewellery one way or another :P, just to show you where I got each item from so it is clear and I thought if I labelled them all when they are duplicated it would be a little silly of me. I actually wear these pieces quite a lot, my other pieces probably feel left out but they are just gorgeous don’t you agree?

Rightyy, these rings and pair of earrings I love so much especially the rings I wear at least one of these rings everyday because they practically go with everything! Makes life simpler for me :). Also I have now realised I have alot of jewellery from New Look whoopsie, I know being a blogger it doesn’t really help that mainly all of it is from one place. O well and just a warning the next set of jewellery is from…………. scroll down…………

jewellery 2

This is the last lot of jewellery I am going to show you and what a surprise…. it is mostly all from New Look.

Jewellery 3

I dont really wear long necklaces that much anymore but they do go with a lot of things especially in the summer. The other two pieces that are labelled ‘clothes show’ I purchased last year at the clothes show. This is held every year at the NEC and every time I work there its a must to do a bit of shopping! If you haven’t heard of it check it out for this year. It is also a lot cheaper then buying from your favourite brands regularly!

Out of all of these pieces of jewellery, which is more your style? Please like or comment below. Would love to hear it!

Until next time lovelies xx