Pretty Purple: Makeup Look

Hello my beauties!

It has been a while since I posted something makeup related, which I used to do a lot for you all. Even though it is summer I still do love the darker looks that stand out because of my dark features. Most of my looks are suited for darker skin tones, however if you want to give any of my looks a go but have a lighter skin tone I would recommend that you tone the look down slightly to blend in better.

This look in particular adds more depth to the eyes, especially if you have larger eyes like myself. If you have quite small eyes I really would not recommend this look to you, I would recommend a look that is softer and brighter like my Elegant makeup look to brighten and open up the eyes.


purple makeup


I know the look is quite dark but I did blend the purples in with warm colours to add more of a summery bronzy effect and to also create different effects in all sorts of lighting. What do you think, summery or to dark for this season? Would love to hear what you think.

Until next time 🙂 xx


To all my followers and readers…….

This post is entirely about my followers and readers of my blog…….

I just wanted to thank you all for helping my blog become more successful over the past year from the moment I started! I have become a lot more confident when it comes to sharing my ideas and inspiration all because of your support and kind comments to me expressing how you feel about my posts. Of course I have also had not so nice comments from people but that has helped me learn how to improve and also how to ignore hateful people :). Anyways moving on I would just like to thank everyone again and please continue to read my posts and I hope you all enjoy them.

One more thing I would like to say is that could everyone follow me on twitter if you have it to receive updates on my blog and my youtube account abovebeauty94. I will also be doing a lot more videos very soon for you all!

Choww x

Lana Del Rey Inspired nails: Pointy red tips

This is my second nail post of the day but I think for the first time they are my natural nails! The only reason why this is because over time of having my nails done at the salon they were in terrible condition which is normal, thank god before getting the nails done in my last post I let my natural ones grow stronger and healthier or else they probably would of fell off by now! ( Not literally though haha, bit exaggerated…) In all seriousness they were in very bad condition so I decided to research nail designs to practice on my natural nails as they grew longer, after all its not like you have to have boring nails just because they are a bit damaged!

Anyways I mainly researched pointed nail designs because they are gorgeous and so feminine! Well I think so :). Whilst researching I came across Lana Del Rey’s signature red pointed nails and since they were not complicated to recreate I thought why not give it a little go…..



This is what the lovely Lana’s nails looks like………….

nails lana del rey


Here is my recreation of this look, my nails are a lot shorter then Lana’s which makes the look less bold.

What do you think, would you give this look a go?


Nail Update: Holiday Nails

Heyy Lovelies,

I know it has been a while since my last post and I seem to be making a habit of it but I am here now and am going to be posting a lot more for you.


This post I wanted to just show you all my holiday nails I had done by my lovely friend Raeven (La Bella Vida Nails). I thought this design was gorgeous as it was so summery and girly and also suitable for any occasion.


Nude is my favourite colour right now because it is girly but at the same time not too over the top which allows it to go with almost everything and anything!

What do you think of these too much or gorgeous?