201 Professional Experience| Critical Reflection




201MC |My Professional Experience Log

(For university tutor ONLY)

This is my professional experience log, where I talk about the day to day activities I carried out during this module.

Choc & Cheese Project:

20th March

Today we met up discuss what we want our blog and youtube channel to include. Deciding on the topics of Beauty and fashion, we came up with the name for the blog/youtube channel which is ‘Choc and Cheese 818′. We spent the rest of the time setting up accounts, such as twitter and Instagram.

23rd March

We met up in Coventry to do a photo shoot for our first blog post, due to weather conditions could only film in the garden. The main focus of the photo shoot was to showcase our different taste in fashion. We edited the photographs which took a few hours and then wrote the blog post to go with it.

24th March

Looked for fashion events to attend and carried out research for where would be the best place to go.

27th March

Today we wrote a review on the different nail polishes for the Barry collection as our first beauty post. We kept in contact through FaceTime.

28th March

We bought tickets to attend Manchester Fashion Week and discussed plans for where we would stay, plus travel cost.

29th March

The day of filming our first youtube video, we decided film an introduction video and a makeup tutorial for the first post. The process of film took a while today as we kept tripping over our words. It was our first time film anything like this together, but was an enjoyable experience. Priyanka then did my make- up a we filmed it a 5 minutes video.

5th April

Today we did a beauty cosmetic review of the products we had purchased from Lush. This involved editing images and placing them in collages for the post.

9th April

We met up in Coventry to book the tickets for the train and hotel to attend Manchester Fashion Week. It was a long process of having to find a hotel that was near both the hotel and the venue to event was being held at. We managed to get all the detail sort out in the end.

10th April

Today we took a trip to Birmingham so that we could shop for outfit to wear at the event in Manchester. We decided that we would at some point film a video for youtube detailing what we brought to wear.

14th April

Wrote a post to inform people about us starting up a YouTube channel. We notice to many beauty bloggers we follow personally have there own YouTube channels and thought it would be a good idea to make one.

19th -20th April

On the 19th we have travelled down to manchester all morning. We attended the Fashion week event and filmed a lot to be edited and put into a video to be upload to youtube. we arrived at the venue at 7 and were there until 10pm. We had the chance to network with some designs before we enjoyed the show.

On the 20th we travelled back to coventry and filmed a video about the event and what was in the goodie bags. This can be found on the main blog.

30th April

Our most recent post involved us talking about the product we use daily, for this we sent images to each other and split the role of who was going to edited the photo and write the post.


Allure Clinique Project: (All found on my Above Beauty blog)

8th April

On the 8th I had a meeting with the business owner Sharon to discuss potential work. We also discussed my role for the salon and what she would like me to promote. Tested out the Viber8 machine and talked to clients who used it to get more information about it.

11th April

Went to the salon to gather images of the Viber8 machine and clients who use it. Wrote a review on the Viber8 machine and did more research by myself to include into the post.

13th April

Had second meeting with Sharon to talk about semi-permanent makeup and look at a few demo’s of it being done on a client. Unfortunately I was not able to record it for privacy reasons of the client.Was able to gather some photos. After sat down with Sharon and talked about the ins and outs of semi-permanent makeup e.g health and safety, the science of it ect.

15th April

Wrote the post on semi-permanent makeup and included photos and extra information I researched myself.

22nd April

Had another weekly meeting with Sharon to discuss a new topic she wanted me to promote. This week it was all about eyebrows which included, waxing, tinting and threading. I had the treatment of threading and tinting done on myself as before hand we discussed to let my eyebrows grow to do a more effective before and after post, which we thought would really help promote the business. Also discussed in detail this sort of treatment.

26th April

I wrote a post/ review ‘all about eyebrows’ and aded photos of myself before and after. I also gathered my own information as well as what Sharon gave me to include.

28th April

Again another meeting with Sharon to discuss the final topic of a shrinking body wrap called ‘honey I shrunk’ I watched the client go into the room to have the wrap done then seen the results after she had had it done. I was unable to see how to wrap actually works because of privacy reasons for the client. After I was given a bit of information to use in the post about it along with images of previous clients.

30th April

Wrote the post on ‘honey I shrunk’ body wrap and did a lot of research on the topic by myself.


Individual project: Above Beauty Blog

25th March

For the new season I wrote a spring beauty haul post on the items that I recently bought along with a review.

30th March

Today I wrote a review on Barry M gel nail polishes for my followers as it was a request from a few of them.

7th April

Wrote a makeup post again for my followers by request.

21st April

Wrote a review on our trip to Manchester Fashion Week including all the information from the designers and my opinion. I also edited and included a video from the fashion show.

24th April

Did another makeup post by request because of the new season.

2nd May

Wrote a review on a beauty product and added images ect.

5th May

Recently I have done a makeup post which was linked to the last post I have done for my followers. Again it was a request from another blogger as it was in my last post.


I have been quite brief when listing my day to day activities as they can all be viewed on either Youtube, my blog or twitter.




Makeup Of The Day: My New Spring/summer Look

Heyy lovelies,

So this is just a quick post to show you all my makeup look for today, which is my new spring/summer everyday look. I know summer is practically here so I decided to brighten up my look but at the same time as adding a touch of spring. By this I am talking about the pastel pinks and peach lipstick etc that can also be used for summer (but I like to think of it as spring).

my spring look

What do you think ladies?

Like or comment below to let me know………

Choww xx

My MUST Have: No7 Match Made Concealer + Review!

Hello my lovelies,

Let me get straight down to it and tell you that the No7 Match Made Concealer is amazing! In my opinion it is anyway as it PERFECT for my skin tone, which has always been something that I have struggled to find for years. I have gone through concealers like crazy! The list is endless from Maybelline to Maxfactor and even Urban Decay! The ones that have came close  have always been either to chalky that my under eyes would look grey or too dark that it wouldn’t brighten up my eyes. In the end I stuck to Urban Decaysconcealer in M16 as it was the best match for me, until I seen No7’s being advertised. When I saw that they were also match made I was over the moon because I already have their match made foundation that I have been using for 2 years now and I swear by it!

When I purchased the concealer I got it in the same shade as my foundation which is ‘Deeply Honey’ and I was amazed with the results when I applied it! It comes in white packaging and looks like this……

concealer 2

It just glides on and feels so light, like your not wearing anything and blends so well into the skin. You really do not need a lot so to get the best results apply a small amount first then build it to your preference to avoid it creasing.

Here is the difference between my Urban Decay Concealer compared to my N07 one. The difference in my eyes is massive as it completely changes my look. The Urban Decay pictures were taken during summer so I was darker, however I did have to apply more bronzer/contour more as the concealer was darker.

old new concealer

Finally the difference between the two concealers………


I would HIGHLY recommend No7’s match made concealer, especially if you are using their foundation. They are the perfect combo!

What do you think ladies?

Like or comment below……

Choww xx