Update: New Hair!!

Hey lovelies, I know it has been a while since I posted anything. It has been difficult to get back into blogging after being away for so long.

This is just a quick update to show you guys my NEW hair! I easily get bored of my hair and am constantly changing it in one way or another but I did love my dip dyed hair so much I had it for over a year which did surprise me.

Now fall is almost here so its time for a change, what do you guys think?

new hair


Until next time lovelies! xx


Trend & Update: Ombre Hair (DIY) L’oreal Wild Ombre Kit

Heyy my lovelies, again it has been a while since I have posted anything for you. Since then there have been a few changes and one of those is changing my hair for the new season. I know ‘Ombre’ hair or as others would call it ‘Dip Dye’ hair is a very popular trend the a range of different colours. Caught up in the trend and coming across hundreds of pictures I picked up a DIY Wild Ombre kit by L’oreal and gave it a go. Unfortunately I do not still have the kit or I would have shown you the brush that came with it, even though I don’t think there is a point in doing so. By this I mean that the brush was not effective at all when it came to brushing the product through my hair, I mean it was so small that I had to grab my actual hairbrush and brush it through at the end to make sure it really blended and didnt leave any bleach spots!

Before I actually used the kit I dyed my hair a very dark brown to take the colour I had previously in it, here is the finished look after dying.

Photo on 06-06-2013 at 17.17

Photo on 06-06-2013 at 17.20 #2

These pictures were taken just after I had washed the dye out and dried it, I noticed that after using the kit with bleach and lightener my hair was quite dry and knotted. However after conditioning a few times it did blend my hair in more and return it back to its shiny silky self :).

Here is a picture of what my hair returned to after a week…………

Photo on 07-06-2013 at 18.02 #2

Overall I think I did a pretty good job with blending it into my hair, the results have paid off and the cost was a lot cheaper than going to the salon and getting it done. The kit was very good and came with clear instructions and  think it was around £6 or £7. Whats not to love about it! Well apart from the brush that comes with it but that can always be worked around :).

What do you think about my new hair? Would you Ombre your hair?

Let me know and leave comments below

Until next time! 🙂 xx

Update: Amazing detox programme!!

A BIG hello to my lovely followers who I have not actually spoken out to in a while (sorry) :(. Finallyyy my first year of university is over so you will hear a lot more from me :).

What i wanted to mention is…………. An AMAZING detox programme called Clean 9 which I started four days ago. What the programme does is get rid of all the harmful toxins in your body and gives you more healthier hair, skin and nails as well as loosing the average of 4-14 pounds! Now at first I was a bit sceptical, I mean sounds to good to be true doesn’t it ? The first day I measured myself and then again yesterday which was the third day. I have lost 3 yes 3 inches around my waist, 1 inch off both my hip and thigh and 1 1/2 off my arm! I was so shocked and surprised honestly its amazing and I have lost the bloated look I had on my stomach before so now I am confident to get a flat stomach for my holiday and also to maintain it. All the products are natural which was good for me as I was slightly worried at first and it is based around aloe vera. Not only that but I can feel my hair strengthening and the same with my skin and nails, which most of you know I get then done a lot so they are not in great condition.

It is the 4th day and really cannot wait until the 6th then the 9th day when I get the final result. By the way guys I wont give up there ohhh noo, going to carry on until I reach my goals.

Does this sound amazing to you?! If you are dont hesitate to email me for more details, I dont think you will regret it as it is a 60day money back guarantee! What do you have to loose? Im soo happy I have started it and cant stop going on about it.

I will post the pictures up once the detox has finished so you can see the difference clan 9 has made. Keep a look out loveliess :).

Chow! xx