Barry M ‘Gelly’ Nail Paint Review


Hello loveliess,

This is just a quick post to mention how much I am LOVING these ‘Gelly’ nail polishes by Barry M. They are so gorgeous, especially for the summer as they are so bright and pretty even the darker shades.

So far I have collected quite a few of these polishes and will be purchasing a whole lot more, I think I am getting addicted to them! They are so easy to apply and when they are dry they feel and look just like gel. The colour that I am loving at the moment and wearing now is in the shade ‘Grapefruit’, the other shades in this picture are listed below in order from left to right.

  • Dragon
  • Prickly Pear
  • Passion Fruit
  • Grape Fruit
  • Blackberry

Barry m nail

When applying I recommend to apply a base coat first to give a better finish, once dry apply to coats of your preferred polish then your good to go!

These polishes are available in most drugstores, I HIGHLY recommend them.

What do you think of these shades? Would you wear them?

Like or comment below!

Choww Ladies xx



Lana Del Rey Inspired nails: Pointy red tips

This is my second nail post of the day but I think for the first time they are my natural nails! The only reason why this is because over time of having my nails done at the salon they were in terrible condition which is normal, thank god before getting the nails done in my last post I let my natural ones grow stronger and healthier or else they probably would of fell off by now! ( Not literally though haha, bit exaggerated…) In all seriousness they were in very bad condition so I decided to research nail designs to practice on my natural nails as they grew longer, after all its not like you have to have boring nails just because they are a bit damaged!

Anyways I mainly researched pointed nail designs because they are gorgeous and so feminine! Well I think so :). Whilst researching I came across Lana Del Rey’s signature red pointed nails and since they were not complicated to recreate I thought why not give it a little go…..



This is what the lovely Lana’s nails looks like………….

nails lana del rey


Here is my recreation of this look, my nails are a lot shorter then Lana’s which makes the look less bold.

What do you think, would you give this look a go?


Nail Update: Holiday Nails

Heyy Lovelies,

I know it has been a while since my last post and I seem to be making a habit of it but I am here now and am going to be posting a lot more for you.


This post I wanted to just show you all my holiday nails I had done by my lovely friend Raeven (La Bella Vida Nails). I thought this design was gorgeous as it was so summery and girly and also suitable for any occasion.


Nude is my favourite colour right now because it is girly but at the same time not too over the top which allows it to go with almost everything and anything!

What do you think of these too much or gorgeous?


Update: Amazing detox programme!!

A BIG hello to my lovely followers who I have not actually spoken out to in a while (sorry) :(. Finallyyy my first year of university is over so you will hear a lot more from me :).

What i wanted to mention is…………. An AMAZING detox programme called Clean 9 which I started four days ago. What the programme does is get rid of all the harmful toxins in your body and gives you more healthier hair, skin and nails as well as loosing the average of 4-14 pounds! Now at first I was a bit sceptical, I mean sounds to good to be true doesn’t it ? The first day I measured myself and then again yesterday which was the third day. I have lost 3 yes 3 inches around my waist, 1 inch off both my hip and thigh and 1 1/2 off my arm! I was so shocked and surprised honestly its amazing and I have lost the bloated look I had on my stomach before so now I am confident to get a flat stomach for my holiday and also to maintain it. All the products are natural which was good for me as I was slightly worried at first and it is based around aloe vera. Not only that but I can feel my hair strengthening and the same with my skin and nails, which most of you know I get then done a lot so they are not in great condition.

It is the 4th day and really cannot wait until the 6th then the 9th day when I get the final result. By the way guys I wont give up there ohhh noo, going to carry on until I reach my goals.

Does this sound amazing to you?! If you are dont hesitate to email me for more details, I dont think you will regret it as it is a 60day money back guarantee! What do you have to loose? Im soo happy I have started it and cant stop going on about it.

I will post the pictures up once the detox has finished so you can see the difference clan 9 has made. Keep a look out loveliess :).

Chow! xx

Just a random post on Nail Caviar

Heyy Loveliess,

So I recently bought nail caviar beads in Black and I used them as soon as I purchased them. They were not expensive ones but as soon as they dried on my nails, half an hour later I could already see them falling off slowly. I will list the brand and show you pictures with them done as I have taken them off now. A really bad point that put me off was that when I tried to seal them with a top coat the beads turned an orangy brown colour, which means I had to redo that nail with out a top coat.

What does everyone else think about the nail caviar beads?

Let me know if you have used them before. This is not a criticism, I have just had not a very good opinion on them so far.

Chow! xx

Nude pointed nails

Nude pointed nails

Nude pointed nails

Hi dolls,

Just a quick post to show how I have changed my nails as I do every month. I wish I could of posted what I got done last month because they were gorgeous!

Anyway, here are this months nails. I decided to go for a plain design that would not stand out as much as usual. I know pointed nails are still a huge trend at the moment and I am in love with them and do not want to go back to squared.

If you want see more designs follow my blog to see an update every month 🙂 x