Makeup Of The Day: My New Spring/summer Look

Heyy lovelies,

So this is just a quick post to show you all my makeup look for today, which is my new spring/summer everyday look. I know summer is practically here so I decided to brighten up my look but at the same time as adding a touch of spring. By this I am talking about the pastel pinks and peach lipstick etc that can also be used for summer (but I like to think of it as spring).

my spring look

What do you think ladies?

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Allure Clinique: Honey I Shrunk Body Wrap……..

Hello my lovelies,

I am back with another post about the amazing treatments Allure Clinique has to offer!

Now we all know summer is approaching fast and at some point we all desire to either have that bikini body, a flat stomach, tone up or to just lose a few inches to feel good about ourselves, especially if we are jetting of to a holiday destination. I can confess that I am a woman in this situation as I am going away in less that a month eeeeeek! However, I am not panicking as I have been using the Viber8 Machine that I recently posted about for just under a month and will continue to until my holiday.

As if that is not enough, I am also going to go ahead and treat myself to the Honey I Shrunk’ Body Wrap a few days before I go away. What is this? Sounds delicious don’t you think ladies? Well I don’t know about that but it is a weight loss treatment that gives you results that will make you feel delicious!

body wrap

What is ‘Honey I Shrunk’ ?

It is an inch loss body wrap system that works by lipolysis. Lipolysis is a revolutionary method of removing unwanted fat from the areas you want, the fatty cells are broken down by the solution changing the tryglycerides within the cells into fatty acid which can be excreted by lymph vessels and tissue fluids.

Following on from the wrap, the solution conditions and keeps on working into your skin for up to 72 hours. As the fat cells have been destroyed, for new fat cells to grow, you would have to eat excessively or unhealthily. So, those newly shed inches will stay off as long as you keep to your regime and lay off the cheeseburgers.


How does it work? 

Honey I shrunk Body Wrap is totally effortless for you, non-invasive, pain free and no mess. Whilst in your underwear you will be carefully measured, & then the Honey I Shrunk oil will be applied. You will then be wrapped in a special heat generating wrapture where you lie down for 60 minutes on a heated bed covered in warm blankets to let the Honey I shrunk oil work its magic & loose you inches!!

After 60 mins you will be unwrapped, and re-measured again in the same places to reveal your total body inch loss. This is a completely mess free treatment so all you need to do is get dressed again and you’re good to go. The Honey I shrunk oil continues to work for up to 72 hrs and it is preferable not to wash it off or shower until the next day.

Believe me ladies the results are real, even though  have not had mine done yet I have seen it for myself on clients whilst I was at Allure Clinique. For example the client that had just had the ‘Honey I shrunk’ wrap, lost a wopping 17 inches! How amazing is that! Although the results do vary depending on the client, so for all you skeptics thinking that this is another myth think again as each client’s results at Allure Clinique have been between 10.5 – 18.5 inches! At only £50 as well for your whole body, whats not to love about this treatment?

If you are still a bit skeptical, here is photographic evidence from the Allure Clinique website itself to show how amazing this wrap truly is………..


This makes me even more excited to have mine done in the next 3 weeks! What do you think ladies…..would you give it a go?

To find out more information about this treatment or speak to Allure Clinique go to

Or contact……


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Makeup of the Day: ‘Not quite Summer Glow’

Heyy lovelies,

I have not done a Makeup of the Day post in such a long time so I felt that it was a must to post one! This look is what I would call ‘A not quite summer glow’. What I mean by this is that it is still spring and even though the weather is starting to get better, it is not time to start doing an everyday summer glow to your routine.

Here is the look I created……..

Makeup of the Day

I would describe this look as a bronzy rosy brown sort of look if that makes sense? All the colours are perfect for spring but at the same time the glow makes it more of a summery look, especially when the light hits my face.

I created this look by using a MAC Eyeshadow Pigment in ‘Chocolate brown’ which looks more like a coppery/ bronzy brown when applied.



I also used Urban Decays naked 1 palette with colours ‘Buck’ and ‘Dark horse’ along with another eyeshadow by MAC called ‘Espresso’.

For my face I did my usual routine with No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in ‘Deeply honey’ along with their match made concealer in the same shade. For highlight I used No7 liquid highlight and No7 bronzer along with MAC Blush in ‘Peaches’. For my brows I used Beauty UK high brow kit. For mascara I actually use two different ones which are Loreal telescopic and Maybelline colossal smoky volume express both in black.

What do you ladies think of this look? Would you wear it for summer or even spring?

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All About……Manchester Fashion Week!

Hello my loves, This is the long awaited post on my experience at MANCHESTER FASHION WEEK! For those of you who do not live within the UK, it is an event held over the weekend to showcase both new and up & coming designers! The day that I attended was Saturday the 19th of April which was Day 2: The Independents & Exhibitors. I absolutely loved it! Along with the brief descriptions of the collections & my opinions, there is a video from the actual show! Unfortunately I did miss one or two collections during the show which I do apologise for if you were looking forward to seeing the collection.

To begin with I would like to say that all of the collections were amazing and the ones I talk about in detail are the ones I favourited due to my own personal style. This doesn’t mean that I think the collections were bad, I am just giving my opinion.

What I wore…….

2014-04-19 23.32.25


The Event………..




{Sofia Dourvari }

 Sofia Dourvari designs are created for independent confident women and the pre-autumn collection provides some exciting looks to bridge the gap between the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons.

For myself this collection was 50/50 as the collection were all dresses which is what I love, however some of the designs were not exactly me but I did think they were gorgeous regardless. The collection was made up of various fabrics such as duchess satin, organza, georgette, lurex, metallic yarns, metallic pleat, faux leather and brocade. I thought the dresses in the collection would be prefect for events such as proms, cocktail parties and black tie events! Whether you are attending a formal or informal event, this collection has got you covered! As they are mostly fitted to flatter your figure. Also I had the pleasure of meeting the designer before the show to browse through some of the items from her collection as well as beautiful pieces of jewellery!   {


{304# Clothing }

There is more than what meets the eye with this clothing brand. In the 21st century, it is all too easy to pull a word out of the air and plaster it all over garments, get a girl with intriguing, outrageously styled hair to model it and hey presto… You’ve all but got a Brand! 304 clothing are much more than that. They’re playful, they party, they are full of fond memories and they’re all about friendship.The brand is deeply inspired by a culture of music, parties and festivals; they carefully toy with the idea of revolution, but wrap this thought in the warm arms of love.

Although I did like this collection, it wasn’t for me as I thought it was too casual for my liking. The collection was designed with both men and women in mind, it consisted of vests, crop tops, sweatshirts, tees etc. Even though it was too casual for me to go out in, I did love the prints which was making me reconsider to get something!


{ Florina }

Back to nature is a collection of clothes which combines the resources of nature and the imagination of the human mind. The clothes are made using different plants like moss, fern, bulrush, acorn and others. However, the main “ingredient” used is moss, therefore there are trousers, skirts, tops, dresses and bras made out of moss.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this collection was the one that stood out from the rest! When the first design came onto the catwalk I was amazed, it was something I have never seen before in person and I really did not expect it. They are obviously something that you wouldn’t  wear on a daily basis as the whole collection is made with plants. Personally I thought the collection was very creative and looked quite fairy-tail, which I thought was cute. The only bad thing I have to point out is that half way thorough the collection some of the designs were coming apart as the models were walking down the catwalk, apart from that it was very creative.


{ Didi’s Boutique }

 Didi’s Boutique was established in January 2013 by owner and founder Anna Mansoor. As a busy mother of two, she began to sell and advertise clothes, working from home using marketing and social networking sites. Gradually as her customer base grew she then attended events and local shows and filled her remaining time arranging parties at people’s homes. Very quickly her home was filled with rails and clothing and was literally bursting at the seams.

I can honestly say I loved every piece of this collection! It is so girly and right up my street! There was a variety of pretty pastels and gorgeous florals that are perfect for the spring/summer seasons.There was also a nice range of swimwear/ beach wear that  I loved, along with dresses that flow that are perfect for a holiday. To all the girls who have a really girly/feminine style I will say no more and let you see for yourself in the video.


{ Gin & Tonic }

A G&T girl wants an instant fix of style inspiration. Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe with fresh ideas or searching for that one off fashion steal, our job is easy, as we know what you like because we like it too. We’re inspired by fashion through the ages and like to mix electric pieces to create a current look. We are our customer and don’t want to look the same as everyone else.

I had mixed feelings for the Gin & Tonic collection, I think because some of the pieces from the collection were cute and the others were not to my liking. Saying this I think the collection was gorgeous especially the black and white checkered mini skirt.


{ OMG Fashion } 

OMG Fashion is run by a young couple based in Manchester. Hayley and Andrew. It all started with a small boutique shop in Manchester. They then put everything into it and set up online. Working from home the couple ran their business just the two of them from their living room. After a few months the couple got help from family members, and space was running low. They managed to convert their loft storage and carried on working from home.

This collection was also one of my favourites, I loved there floral maxi dress and playsuit! Along with there of the shoulder frill dress that I think was cream. I would definatly wear the whole collection that was displayed out on the catwalk!


{ Aouse of Jones } 

Aouse of Jones is a collective of ideas and concepts, which have been brewing for over a decade. From the mind of a Film make/ Writer/ Humanitarian/ Actor/ Lover and Fighter, breathed to life by the help of a team of Artist, Designers, Photographers and Hardship… A newly established outfit, with old life experiences and new questions.

Now for the Aouse of Jones collection I did and still do not know how I feel about it. By this I mean whether I like it or not. First of all the collection was made up of t shirts, sweatshirts etc and they all had some sort of print on them which varied. I felt that it was a good collection but not very different.


{ Clare Baxter }

after 1 year at Central St Martins on the BA hone Fine Art with Performance Degree I continued my studies on the BA hons Fashion (with print) degree, Graduating in 2008. Prior to St Central Martins I studies A National Diploma in multimedia arts in digital design. I work very intuitively with print and colour and have been privileged to expand my skills with print projects with Celia Bertwell, Eley Kishimoto, Elisa Palemino and Jeremy   Scott among others. I have worked as studio assistants for John Galliano under his own label and Dior Haute Couture (Paris), and Jeremy Scott (L.A.)

Okay so this is a collection that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It was so gorgeous when it came out onto the catwalk. As it was so glamorous, plus it reminded me of the traditional garments women wear in Brazil during ‘Carnival’. The collection ranged from glam to just drop dead gorgeous clothing.


{ Eustratia }

 I started Eustratia to offer a different take on latex fashion but I also work in other materials. I’m interested in creating beautiful items that transcend the fashion/fetish/costume/art labels and satisfy me creatively, while also appealing to others and becoming items to cherish and wear with pride for years to come. I enjoy trends and fashion but I prefer clothes that are versatile and can be carried forward from season to season. I therefore aim to achieve a unique but timeless quality within my work. Each Eustratia item is handmade in the UK, with great attention to detail, utilising quality materials and producing a unique look and quality of finish.

At first when I read this description about Eustratia I thought the collection was going to be all black latex garments but I was wrong. She really did change the stereotype of latex and put her own very pretty and creative take on it. which I thought was different. The collection was mainly pastel colours, perfect for spring/ summer although the items are not something you would wear in warm wear. All in all I thought the collection was amazing and was unexpected.


{ Luke 1977 }

Since its humble beginnings in the West Midlands in 2001 LUKE has developed into a leading contemporary menswear brand with a following stretching far and wide. Having grown with the support of key independent menswear boutiques the brand has evolved organically keeping all of its values, which sets it apart. LUKE is a practical interpretation on contemporary menswear and has all the components of the modern lad, a gentleman, a working class hero and a bit of a rogue. The brand draws strong influences from the tough elements of its native Birmingham. Foundry worker meets fashionista, Luke’s taste envelops all.

I did like this collection and I definatly know a few people who love it! As it is all menswear I can’t really say what I would or wouldn’t wear however, I did see a lot of items for family members, friends etc.

{ Aftershock } 

The Aftershock London philosophy centres on producing directional, design-led womenswear and accessories. The brand prides itself on a strong commitment to delivering innovative, original products with exceptional design, quality and value. Aftershock is British retailer and its signature style since launch remains in the nature of exquisite handcrafted womenswear and accessory pieces. Aftershock offers exuberant colour schemes, beautiful design work, and an array of casual wear, occasion wear as well as stunning accessories to complement the collection within its womenswear range. Celebrity followers include Madonna, Helen Mirren and Katherine Jenkins to name but a few.

I do not know why but I seem to have only filmed one dress for Aftershock which I apologise for but the dress that did get filmed was gorgeous and I did love the collection.

{ SVE Fashion } 

Sve is a high end bespoke ladies fashion label consisting of one off ready to wear and couture evening dresses. Sve’s monochromic colour palette has always been at the for front of each collection introducing one striking colour. The use of detailing and embellishments delight the eye making each piece that has been created by Sally Ellis – the designers – own hands stand out from the rest. Sve designer boutique is based in Tarporley, Cheshire. Selling ready to wear, occasion and evening wear, also offering a made to measure bespoke service. Sally designs and makes everything herself with love from her studio above the boutique, and has become a favourite designer with many celebrities from actresses to pop artists. Sally won fashion finest designer of the year award in 2012 and also starred on pop star Rihannas TV show ‘Styled To Rock’. Sve is planning on opening her second boutique in London in 2015. The only way is up.

This collection was the last one of the show and it was so elegant and gorgeous! I can honestly say I loved every item, in each colour and design. This collection is worth browsing through, especially if you have any special events or occasions coming up!

That is all lovelies, Below is the video of the show!

MFW | The Show

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Barry M ‘Gelly’ Nail Paint Review


Hello loveliess,

This is just a quick post to mention how much I am LOVING these ‘Gelly’ nail polishes by Barry M. They are so gorgeous, especially for the summer as they are so bright and pretty even the darker shades.

So far I have collected quite a few of these polishes and will be purchasing a whole lot more, I think I am getting addicted to them! They are so easy to apply and when they are dry they feel and look just like gel. The colour that I am loving at the moment and wearing now is in the shade ‘Grapefruit’, the other shades in this picture are listed below in order from left to right.

  • Dragon
  • Prickly Pear
  • Passion Fruit
  • Grape Fruit
  • Blackberry

Barry m nail

When applying I recommend to apply a base coat first to give a better finish, once dry apply to coats of your preferred polish then your good to go!

These polishes are available in most drugstores, I HIGHLY recommend them.

What do you think of these shades? Would you wear them?

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Choww Ladies xx


To all my followers and readers…….

This post is entirely about my followers and readers of my blog…….

I just wanted to thank you all for helping my blog become more successful over the past year from the moment I started! I have become a lot more confident when it comes to sharing my ideas and inspiration all because of your support and kind comments to me expressing how you feel about my posts. Of course I have also had not so nice comments from people but that has helped me learn how to improve and also how to ignore hateful people :). Anyways moving on I would just like to thank everyone again and please continue to read my posts and I hope you all enjoy them.

One more thing I would like to say is that could everyone follow me on twitter if you have it to receive updates on my blog and my youtube account abovebeauty94. I will also be doing a lot more videos very soon for you all!

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