Makeup Of The Day: My New Spring/summer Look

Heyy lovelies,

So this is just a quick post to show you all my makeup look for today, which is my new spring/summer everyday look. I know summer is practically here so I decided to brighten up my look but at the same time as adding a touch of spring. By this I am talking about the pastel pinks and peach lipstick etc that can also be used for summer (but I like to think of it as spring).

my spring look

What do you think ladies?

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Choww xx


Makeup of the Day: ‘Not quite Summer Glow’

Heyy lovelies,

I have not done a Makeup of the Day post in such a long time so I felt that it was a must to post one! This look is what I would call ‘A not quite summer glow’. What I mean by this is that it is still spring and even though the weather is starting to get better, it is not time to start doing an everyday summer glow to your routine.

Here is the look I created……..

Makeup of the Day

I would describe this look as a bronzy rosy brown sort of look if that makes sense? All the colours are perfect for spring but at the same time the glow makes it more of a summery look, especially when the light hits my face.

I created this look by using a MAC Eyeshadow Pigment in ‘Chocolate brown’ which looks more like a coppery/ bronzy brown when applied.



I also used Urban Decays naked 1 palette with colours ‘Buck’ and ‘Dark horse’ along with another eyeshadow by MAC called ‘Espresso’.

For my face I did my usual routine with No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation in ‘Deeply honey’ along with their match made concealer in the same shade. For highlight I used No7 liquid highlight and No7 bronzer along with MAC Blush in ‘Peaches’. For my brows I used Beauty UK high brow kit. For mascara I actually use two different ones which are Loreal telescopic and Maybelline colossal smoky volume express both in black.

What do you ladies think of this look? Would you wear it for summer or even spring?

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Choww xx

Allure Clinique: AMAZING Semi- Permanent Makeup

Hello my loves,

So it looks like I can’t get enough of Allure Clinique and what they have to offer at there amazing salon! That means you will be hearing a lot more about what goes on inside those doors………

However, for this post it is dedicated entirely to Semi-Permanent Makeup! Now this is a makeup addicts dream as you wake up with makeup! Who wouldn’t want this, I mean it’s easy and hassle free. I have seen a number of women in the past who have had either semi-permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and even lips which I thought at the time was awful. However, I did also see women who had it done and looked very natural which also enhanced there features. So I guess it all all about how it is done and the quality of it. This is why I am going to explain to you how Allure Clinique use quality with each of there clients to ensure that they do nothing but the best for each individual, as it was Allure who helped turn my view around on semi-permanent makeup.

ALLURESLIDE-1 (dragged)

Personally I do not feel that I need/want SPMU but to all the women who feel like they are lacking a defined brow, fed up of applying eyeliner or want a more naturally defined look, or even women who want their lips to look fuller or have a splash of colour. This is the thing for you………..


At Allure Clinique we specialise in Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU)… ‘Wake up with Makeup’. SPMU Perfectly applied can create natural looking results that can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish.

Why not take a glimpse of ‘eternally beauty’ at Allure Clinique. Our services will leave you feeling and looking younger with the artistic enhancement of natural beauty, designed and created for each individual with the use of Semi Permanent Make up (SPMU).

Eyebrows give depth and character to individuals face as they frame the face. Semi Permanent Eyebrows can correct your over plucked or sparse eyebrow shape. Creating natural hair strokes to give a fuller and natural look. With SPMU we can enhance your shape, and colour to gain the perfect look to suit your very needs.
Our Semi Permanent Eyebrows are the perfect solution for all of the following:

Too light or fair
Broken by a scar
Partial alopecia
Badly positioned or asymmetrical
Eyebrows too low or drooping
Patchy or swirling eyebrows
Hair loss
Insufficient eyebrows – too short
Lack of eyebrows
Surgically damaged or scarred
Lashes can be made to look thicker by applying a sort natural line between the lashes. This is a very effective method of ‘opening the eyes’. The results can be fine or voluminous; creating a look that’s tailor made for you. Having the perfect look everyday with no hassle of smudging or getting the right line you will have the precise look to give you more definition for an everyday Makeup look.
Our Semi Permanent Eyeliners & Enhancers are the perfect solution for the following:

For a deeper more defined look
When eyelashes are too fair
When eyelashes are scant or lacking
For women whose eyes are inclined to water in the wind, cold, light, etc
Gym lovers
For people with poor eyesight

Getting the perfect lip shape can sometimes be a long process; however you can now amend or give the look you require with Semi Permanent Makeup. Lip enhancements are a wonderful way of subtly replacing lost pigment especially to the outer border of the lips where it most commonly fades as we age. The technique of blending the pigment with the natural colour of the lip ensures no harsh out lines.

Our Semi Permanent Lip treatments are the perfect solution for the following:

Lip pencil and lip stick rub off when eating, smoking and kissing
Lips too thin
Lips assymmetrical
Lips too thick
Badly or undefined outline
Lips too pale
Scars resulting from an accident
Cleft-lip disfigurement

What is Permanent Makeup?
Permanent makeup also known as micro-pigmentation; a process where hypoallergenic pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin to achieve cosmetic results. This service is successful for women and men of all ages to enhance their natural beauty and gives a flattering look every minute of the day.
It is a two step process, spaced between 4 weeks apart. Semi Permanent make up requires touch ups and maintence between 18-24 months apart.

Is it safe?
The highest standards of hygiene and safety are up held at all times with the digital machine. Similarly the pigments used are hypoallergenic, which hold a medical certificate allowing them to be used with a sterile clinical environment and have no history of allergic reaction.

Does it hurt?
Thanks to a wide range of Anaesthetics, the feeling is just like tweezing, and no rest time is needed.

How will the results last over time?
The procedure can last between 3-4 years, however a second procedure will be needed a month after so the skin can be reanalysed and touch ups can be made for the best colour intensity.

How much input will I have when looking for the final look?
100% input will be made with yourself during the procedure the procedure, the colour, shape, style, size and density will be approved by you. With our advice and expertise guidance throughout to make you feel as confident as ever.

How will it look immediately after treatment? 
Immediately after treatment the colour is 40% more intense than the final result, as the colour will fade after the procedure is healed. It is recommended to use soothing creams such as Vitamin E cream if you feel any discomforts.

Is it expensive?
Permanent makeup can sometimes be a little expensive upfront, but if you add up over the years what you are saving on your general makeup and the time you spend, it’s not that expensive at all. Prices always vary on the grade of Pigments as the pigments will always stay under the skin however may fade due to the sun or length in time. It is always best to go where pigment quality will be at a high standard therefore touch up will not be necessary sooner.

To show you what a fantastic job Allure Clinique deliver to their customers, here are some before and after pictures of clients who have already had the treatment…….

Eyebrows & Eyeliner

eyebrow and eyeliner



eyebrows 1


eyebrows 2





Eyeliner & Lips

lips eyeliner


This is how SMPU should be done, what do you think ladies? Would you consider it?

Check out Allure Clinique’s website for the price list!

Full Contact………



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Makeup Of The Day: Summer Glow

Hello my lovelies,

So this is just a quick makeup loo post to show you all my MOTD. It is such a nice day here in the UK, as most of you know the weather here is terrible 90 percent of the time! I was in the summer mood as the sun was out and have done quite a bronzy look on the eyes as well as the face to give a nice warm glow in the sun.

summer 2014 makeup

What do you think of this makeup look? Would you wear it? Like or comment below!


Choww! xx

Makeup of the Day: ‘Glam’ Using MAC DIVA Lipstick

Hello Lovelies,

Just a quick post to show you all my ‘Makeup of the Day’. This is a Glam look that was my favourite in the Autumn season but as it is now spring it is time to move on. Thought I would wear it for the last time today :). The main product that I focus on with this look is MAc’s DIVA Lipstick, without this the look would just be a smokey eye. It is gorgeous for autumn or even evening wear.




What do you think? Would you wear this look? Comment or like below 🙂

Choww! xx

A Summer Night Makeup

Helloo my lovelies,

It has been a while and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Unfortunately fall is very near and that is why I am sharing this post with you all on one of my favourite looks this summer, mainly for the evening. This look is very bronzy/warm with a lot of warm tones to it that will give you a nice summer glow (even when the sun has gone down). For this I have used different shades of browns on the eyes, both shimmer and matte to blend together well and give a smokey effect. Also to add a bit of colour on the cheeks and lips I have used a MAC blush (peaches) and a brown lipliner then (Sweetie) A pink toned lipstick on top. I do love dramatic eyes especially for evening, however if you wanted a daytime look or even to tone it down for evening do NOT add the dark brown to the outer corner and bottom lash-line to keep the eyes neutral and fresh.

summer night makeup


I know it is quite depressing that summer is nearly over, which is why trying out a new look or doing your fav’s for summer will heighten your mood for trying something new in fall!

Soo enjoy what we have left of the summer! xx


Pretty Purple: Makeup Look

Hello my beauties!

It has been a while since I posted something makeup related, which I used to do a lot for you all. Even though it is summer I still do love the darker looks that stand out because of my dark features. Most of my looks are suited for darker skin tones, however if you want to give any of my looks a go but have a lighter skin tone I would recommend that you tone the look down slightly to blend in better.

This look in particular adds more depth to the eyes, especially if you have larger eyes like myself. If you have quite small eyes I really would not recommend this look to you, I would recommend a look that is softer and brighter like my Elegant makeup look to brighten and open up the eyes.


purple makeup


I know the look is quite dark but I did blend the purples in with warm colours to add more of a summery bronzy effect and to also create different effects in all sorts of lighting. What do you think, summery or to dark for this season? Would love to hear what you think.

Until next time 🙂 xx