Makeup Of The Day: My New Spring/summer Look

Heyy lovelies,

So this is just a quick post to show you all my makeup look for today, which is my new spring/summer everyday look. I know summer is practically here so I decided to brighten up my look but at the same time as adding a touch of spring. By this I am talking about the pastel pinks and peach lipstick etc that can also be used for summer (but I like to think of it as spring).

my spring look

What do you think ladies?

Like or comment below to let me know………

Choww xx


Hair Of The Day: Spring Girly Look

Heyyy beautifuls, So my hair that I did yesterday along with my last post was also inspired by the sunny but cold and windy day :(.

What do you think? I thought I would add in a girly bow to make it all cute 🙂 hehe.

bow hair


Comment beloww, would you wear this?

Choww (for the last time today :P) xx