My MUST Have: No7 Match Made Concealer + Review!

Hello my lovelies,

Let me get straight down to it and tell you that the No7 Match Made Concealer is amazing! In my opinion it is anyway as it PERFECT for my skin tone, which has always been something that I have struggled to find for years. I have gone through concealers like crazy! The list is endless from Maybelline to Maxfactor and even Urban Decay! The ones that have came close  have always been either to chalky that my under eyes would look grey or too dark that it wouldn’t brighten up my eyes. In the end I stuck to Urban Decaysconcealer in M16 as it was the best match for me, until I seen No7’s being advertised. When I saw that they were also match made I was over the moon because I already have their match made foundation that I have been using for 2 years now and I swear by it!

When I purchased the concealer I got it in the same shade as my foundation which is ‘Deeply Honey’ and I was amazed with the results when I applied it! It comes in white packaging and looks like this……

concealer 2

It just glides on and feels so light, like your not wearing anything and blends so well into the skin. You really do not need a lot so to get the best results apply a small amount first then build it to your preference to avoid it creasing.

Here is the difference between my Urban Decay Concealer compared to my N07 one. The difference in my eyes is massive as it completely changes my look. The Urban Decay pictures were taken during summer so I was darker, however I did have to apply more bronzer/contour more as the concealer was darker.

old new concealer

Finally the difference between the two concealers………


I would HIGHLY recommend No7’s match made concealer, especially if you are using their foundation. They are the perfect combo!

What do you think ladies?

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URBAN DECAY Naked & Naked 2 palette review

Evening loveliess,

This post is all about URBAN DECAYS NAKED PALETTES!

I purchased both palettes together last year instead of separately, mainly because i wanted to compare them and find out the differences. Both palettes are absolutely gorgeous and I love them! But……

I did find that the colours in the original naked palette suited my skin tone a lot more as they were quite warm and highly pigmented. The colours in the naked 2 palette were not mud different to the original, the only difference I can say was the colours were a lot softer for a daytime look.  Basically ladies if you prefer a softer makeup look go for the Naked 2, if you prefer bold looks go for the original. If like myself you don’t really have a preference and like to mix it up, go for both you wont regret it!


open palettes

Original Naked Palette


Swatches From Left to Right

UD palette 1

Naked 2 Palette


Swatches from Left to Right

UD palette 2

Even though this was a quick review because I didn’t want to bore you guys, I hope it becomes very useful to you if you were unsure about them and want to purchase them. Orr….. even if you already have them want to hear someone else’s opinion. COMMENT BELOWW and let me know what your thoughts about these palettes, would love to hear them!!

Until next timeee ladies, chow!! xx